Marijuana Legality Explained

Weed. Many love it. But many cannot explain the legality of it. Denver allows it but Brooklyn doesn’t. From a state point, Colorado state court is ok with it, but the Federal court isn’t. This is all very confusing. We will explain the exact legality of the whole situation from a state and federal level.

The laws are all quite different. Where did it originally start? Colorado and Washington were the first two states in our country to legalize the use of marijuana. They started taxing the product, regulating the possession, and the use. In November 2012, an individual over 21 was allowed to now purchase up to one ounce at regulated dispensaries.

legality of marijuana

As expected, the regulation of weed became somewhat similar to alcohol. If you are a user, you will not be allowed to partake on the substance in public and employers will have the right to banning the use of marijuana during work hours. Smoking and driving? Yes, that may happen as well. States will be able to establish a blood test limit to regulate one when driving a vehicle while under the influence.

It was California that became the first state to defy the federal law and legalize the substance for medicinal purposes back in 1996. It was in 2004 that storefront dispensaries were able to open up. As of today, 23 states have passed laws that allow the drug to be used for medical purposes. Currently, there are about 1,000 medical marijuana cultivation facilities as well as retailers.

What exact ailments can marijuana be prescribed by doctors for? Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, Severe Pain, Severe Nausea, Persistent Muscle Spasm, Epilepsy.

There are currently one million individuals inflicted with these various ailments who have been prescribed medicinal marijuana by their doctors.Generally, the Feds target dispensaries located near areas such as playgrounds, parks, and schools. At this point, the federal government still considers marijuana to be a dangerous substance with zero medical benefit.

If you need a Marijuana Attorney, here is a great resource that is all about legalization and marijuana reforming the image of marijuana: NORML, among other things, advocates for consumers so they are able to have access to high quality, safe, and affordable marijuana. Check out their blog that provides great content and updates on the industry : came out with a great video discussing the future of legal marijuana. You can watch it below for your convenience or go directly to the link:

According to an article written by USA Today, there are 10 states that are rumored to be on their way to legalizing marijuana. They are Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine, & Delaware.

To conclude, the legality of Marijuana is typically not fully understood by laymen(women). There are fines associated with exceeding the legal limit of possession and even obvious jail time. Be sure to stay sharp and be aware of the law so you stay out of trouble. It goes without saying the best tool and resource at your disposal if you are an avid lover of weed is an attorney specialized in Marijuana Law.