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6 laws every blogger should know

6 Laws Every Blogger Needs To Know

For those who run blogs, there are at least six laws that you will need to know in order to be compliant with the law. Violating any one of these laws may bring in the FTC and getting a cease and desist letter which could devastate your blogging efforts. The

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computing law blog post

Legal Aspects of Computing

The legal aspects of computing relate to aspects of law that are found in the computing world. There are three types of law that intersect with computing; Information Technology (IT) Computer Law Cyberlaw IT law came first and it is made up of different regulations, case-law, and statutes that cover

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seo blog post

Can You Sue Your SEO?

You paid good money to an SEO service to boost your website’s ranking and they didn’t live up to their promises. Lawsuits have managed to reach the SEO industry with Seikaly & Stewart demanding their $49,000 back they spent to The Rainmaker Institute as well as punitive damages under RICO

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cyber law blog post

What is Cyber Law?

The term cyber law has been used in a number of different ways and covers an area of the law that may not be all that clear. It has been described over the years as laws pertaining to computers, internet, e-commerce, and other various entities that have to do with

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